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Who We Are

We are an experienced group of commercial roofers! Dedicated to the primary fundamentals of roofing as well as the small details that make us different! We are proud of our work, yet we are very motivated to improve our work in the future! But don't just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself!
Commercial Roofing In North Carolina
A restored metal commercial roofing in Raleigh, NC.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us To Repair Your Roof

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Reason 1

The reflectivity of our roof coatings protect your roof from heat related stress damage. By sending most of the suns' rays back into the atmosphere, there is less internal and external heat stress on your roof. Extreme, constant heat can cause unnecessary damage to your cooling/heating or wiring inside your roof. Less heat = less stress.

Our roof systems are also able to save you money by reflecting heat away from your building, which enables your cooling system to not have to fight against the heat coming through the roof. Which allows you to save more money on energy and maintenance on a yearly basis.

Different roofing systems sun reflectivity chart.

Do You Need Commercial Roof Repair?

We know it is hard to accurately monitor your roof. It takes time and experience to know exactly how to diagnose and fix a roofing problem. And for most of us, time and experience we don't have! That's why we are so dedicated to fixing your roof. It obviously worries you to a degree, or else you would not be repairing your roof. And it takes a lot of thought and risk to eventually make the decision to spend so much money on a repair! We want to relieve your stress by permanently fixing any structural damage as well as laying down a coat of preventative material!

If you still don't know, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer YES to any of these questions, you need a REPAIR!

Is My Roof...

  • Experiencing leaks, ponding water, or broken flashing?
  • Wearing out from old age or element exposure?
  • Making me pay repetitive maintenance costs?
  • Costing me money through high energy bills?
A roof in need of restoration.

Our White Roofs' 85% Reflectivity Rate!

In the summer months, your roof acts as an oven! Even in the winter, the sun beats down on your roof! All of the suns' rays roast roofs on a daily basis, so a high reflectivity rate is needed. Less heat retention results in less stress on your roof as well as high energy efficiency. Heat emits through your roof, heating the air inside your building, seriously impacting your energy bill! Plus, heat is hard on equipment on or in your roof! A high reflectivity rate prevents damage on a large scale!

Different roofing systems sun reflectivity chart.

Continue Your Journey!

If you need further help with your commercial roofing decisions, please continue through our website. 
Thank you for your time!